How To Sell My House in Los Angeles: Complete Guide

Want to sell your house in Los Angeles?


In this guide, we’re going to teach you everything you need to know in order to find an agent, list your home, and get it sold as quickly as possible.

We’ll even show you a way to sell your home for a fair cash price, as-is, in just a couple of weeks!

So let’s dive right in. 

Three Ways To Sell Your Home in Los Angeles: Which Way is Right For You? 

There are three different ways that you can sell your home in Los Angeles. 

1. How To Sell With a Real Estate Agent in Los Angeles

The first is by selling on the MLS through a real estate agent. This is the most common way to go, but it’s also the most expensive and it will usually take months until closing. Not only do you have to repair and upgrade your home to meet market standards, but you also have to chip in for closing costs and for real estate agent fees. 

Going the traditional route can quickly end up costing 6% to 8% of the sale price of the home. 

(On a $400,000 home, that’s about $24,000!)

Additionally, the average home on the MLS takes 65-93 days to sell (according to Zillow).

Still, if you have plenty of time and money on your hands, then you might consider going this route. 

Your first step is to find a trustworthy and reputable real estate agent to work with.

The easiest way to do this is simply to Google search for “Best real estate agents in Los Angeles”

You’ll find tons of top performers in your community. If the real estate agent owns a business, then you’ll even be able to check reviews … which we highly recommend doing. 

After you’ve found someone you’re interested in working with, give ‘em a call and get to know them. You can tell a lot just from having a phone conversation. 

If you agree to work with them, they’ll guide you through the rest of the process!

2. How To Sell FSBO in Los Angeles

The second option is to sell as for-sale-by-owner. That way, you won’t have to pay agent fees. However, you’ll still have to pay closing costs and if you want to list on the MLS, then you’ll also need to repair and upgrade your home to meet market standards. 

The worst part about selling fsbo, though, is the time it takes. 

fsbo homes take an average of 68 days longer to sell than those that have a real estate agent, according to Brandon Gaille

If you have a lot of time on your hands, though, and want to avoid agent costs, then you might consider going this route. 

fsbo is definitely the most involved method. You’ll need to:

  • Determine The Market Value of Your Home
  • Get an Appraisal
  • Prepare Your Home For Selling (Clean, Repair, and Upgrade)
  • Market Your Home (mls, Signage, Open Houses, etc.)

We won’t go into the details of each of those steps here, but you can learn tons with some simple Google searches. 🙂

3. How to Sell To a Professional Homebuyer in Los Angeles

The third option is to sell to as-is for cash to a professional homebuyer. Professional homebuyers (like us over at Green Sur Properties!) can purchase your property as-is for cash … and we can close in as little as two weeks. 

We’ll even pay all closing costs!

Sound too good to be true? 

Well, just like you benefit from selling your home quickly for cash, our business benefits as well. It allows us to keep cash-flow going and to expand our real estate portfolio. 

Win, win!

And it’s actually really dead simple. Just give us a call at (323) 990-3922 and we’ll ask you some questions and walk you through the details. 

Here’s a brief overview of how our process works:

  1. Give us a call at (323) 990-3922 and we’ll ask you some simple questions about the property you’re thinking of selling.
  2. We’ll schedule a time to come see the property in person so that we can make you a fair cash offer. 
  3. Within 48 hours, we will call you with our no-obligation offer! You are free to accept it, negotiate it, or outright reject it. We’ve got thick skin 😉
  4. If we come to an agreement, then we’re able to close in as little as two weeks. You don’t have to make any repairs or updates to the home and you don’t even have to pay closing costs!

(Also, there are absolutely no hidden fees)

Our goal is simply to keep our business running — because we love what we do — and to help people in the process. 

If you want to learn more, give us a call at (323) 990-3922 and let’s chat. 

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

About Green Sur Properties

We buy houses in Los Angeles and surrounding areas. We are from Los Angeles and take pride in helping area homeowners sell their house fast and and seamlessly. We buy homes as investments. Click here to find out more about why we buy houses

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Green Sur Properties is run by Eduardo Slesaransky. Green Sur Properties is a reputable house buying company in Los Angeles. Since the beginning, the focus has been on helping people by providing a fast sale of their home. This opens up a lot of options for people that have felt stuck and unsure of what to do or who to turn to when they need to sell their house fast while receiving a fair price in the process.

We understand selling a house may be a once in a lifetime event for most people, so we treat the process with the respect and seriousness it deserves. You can be assured that this is not just an empty statement by reading through testimonials and reviews from recent customers here.

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“To give everyone the opportunity to easily sell their house fast; when listing it with an agent isn’t an option. We buy houses so that you can do what you’d rather do with your time and enjoy the maximum return, since we will not charge any commissions.”

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