Did you get a letter in the mail from us?

You might have received a letter / postcard in the mail from us or seen us online or heard us on the radio with a different phone number than the one listed in our website.

That was not a mistake, it was definitely us. Sometimes we reach out to folks and use one of our other phone numbers for multiple reasons, but rest assured it was us and the service and commitment that we will provide you with, it is always the same.

For your information, below are the other phone numbers we utilize in our various communication methods: (424) 523-0622(424) 523-0722(424) 625-2233(424) 322-0022(424) 322-9828(562) 250-5728(747) 225-1097(323) 990-3890(424) 322-0695(424) 231-5861(424) 231-5861(424) 252-2322(424) 322-9494(323) 425-4881(310) 363-7431 and of course (323) 990-3922 which is our main point of contact.

If you want to reach out to us, please call, or in some cases, text us to the number you received. We’re here for you!

Thank you very much and we’re looking forward to be talking to you as soon as you are ready to do so!

– Green Sur Properties

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