Can’t find trusted real estate agent or Realtor?

Are you struggling to find a real estate agent that you feel like you can trust to sell your home?
We get it …
Some — (not all, but some) — real estate agents seem to just be in it for themselves and don’t really care about helping you get top-dollar on your home.

Smells funky in your house?

Are you dealing with some funky smells in a house that you want to sell? Unfortunately, the smell of a home is a huge factor that determines whether buyers will make you an offer or not. A home that doesn’t smell right … It doesn’t sell very fast. Maybe you’re dealing with pet odors, mold, … Continued

Leaky Roof?

Are you dealing with a leaky roof?  Well, you’re not the first.  Believe it or not, we’ve worked with a ton of homeowners who have a leaky roof. And fortunately, it’s not the end of the world. Still, the longer you take to fix the problem, the more water damage it’s going to do … … Continued

Talking With Tenants

How do you tell tenants that you’re going to sell your house? This can be a difficult conversation to have … especially if you’re worried that your tenants will get upset or lash out after you tell them.  But we’ve worked with tons of different homeowners in Los Angeles and here are some helpful tactics … Continued

Wanting to Sell Your House in Los Angeles?

Wanting to sell your house in Los Angeles? We’ve helped lots of homeowners from different backgrounds sell their homes. And here are some resources that can help you make the process as painless (and as profitable) as possible: Angie’s List — When you sell your home, you’re probably going to need to repair some stuff, … Continued

Letting Go Home Owned For Long Time

It’s hard to let go of a home that you’ve owned for a long-time … We totally get it. We’ve helped a lot of people sell their homes in Los Angeles and many of them struggle with the process because they have an understandable emotional attachment to the property.  And we like to help people … Continued